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BTR | Beter tot je recht


BTR is specialised in coaching highly skilled professionals working in Science & Technology. This field fits me, Dianne Commissaris, like a glove. I love to work with people with fast and creative minds. Given my own background as a scientist and applied researcher, coaching in English is a second nature to me.


  • you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your work; like you’re only persevering to finish everything and seem unable to unwind at home
  • you have worked in the same job for a long time without much satisfaction anymore; you miss the spark and pleasure you used to have
  • you have to deal with increased care responsibilities at home and struggle to adjust your work load to that
  • you’re a senior in your line of work and consider a career switch; you’re searching for a sparring partner on the ‘for what, why and how’ of this switch.


  • longer periods of sufficient energy and lowered stress
  • a stronger sense of control and influence
  • a job that matches your talents, drives, private life and developmental needs
  • more of peace-of-mind
  • the tools to craft your job towards your favourite way of working.


  • putting you in the lead
  • result oriented with clear plan and structure
  • able to explain what happens in sessions
  • involved, analytical, structured, sensitive
  • following methods of positive psychology
  • using an evidence-based model
  • using an online coach tool Work Energy Analysis®.


People characterise me as having both an analytical mind and a sensitive heart. The funny thing is, I love both models, statistics ànd people. This combination is visible throughout my educational and working life: having studied Occupational Therapy (BOt), Human Movement Sciences (PhD) and Professional Coaching (CPC).  I was teacher in Ergonomics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and project manager Physical Workload at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO. The literal highlight of my career was flying with NASA in Parabolic Flights (1996). A personal highlight was starting my own company in 2012, after 22 years of paid employment.

I have a passion for sports, love to work in our garden and enjoy walking and training dog Taco, a Dutch shepherd. Reading is my favourite activity when I’m not moving; English and Swedish authors preferably in their own language. Family and friends are dear to me and some of their children have a special spot in my heart and life.

I’m accredited by the International Coaching Federation ICF. Please take a look at my profile on the ICF website.


“Dianne is an authentic and honest coach. She is careful and respectful”, Anita van Vlerken, trainer and owner Associatie voor Coaching (trainer 2011-2012)

“I regard as her strengths a good combination of personal involvement and the ability to confront”, Friso van der Meulen, team manager TNO (coachee 2012)

“Dianne not only showed how my behaviour should be changed to communicate better. She also showed that the change was always smaller than I initially estimated”, Pierre van de Laar, project manager TNO (coachee 2019)

“Dianne is a very skilled career coach with a warm personality and a professional attitude. She helped me discover what is important to me in work and which job suits me best. Her open attitude and critical questions made me think and rethink every time. Absolute must!”, Susan Johnson, data analyst (coachee 2021)


BTR welcomes you in a pleasant and bright office in a beautiful environment. Homely, quiet and green; a nice contrast to a busy work environment. The ‘Loonse en Drunense Duinen’ are literally around the corner. Coach sessions are therefore also possible while walking in the open air. We do not walk by default, but sometimes it is just easier to talk while walking.

On request, the sessions can be planned in your work environment. Or in a neutral place; a nice room of ‘Het Coachhuis’. BTR operates from Coachhuis Eindhoven, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Breda and Nijmegen.

BTR coaching is based in Helvoirt. A rural area between the cities of Tilburg, Den Bosch and Eindhoven. Click here to view your route.

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