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Sustainable Performance; maintaining your energy in a busy working life

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have endless amounts of energy to spend, while others really struggle to have some energy left when returning home from work? If you are one of those energetic people, what is your ‘secret’? And if you belong to the latter group, what did you try so far to increase your level of energy?

Having sufficient energy is a complex combination of factors. On a personal level, food, drinks, sleep, medicines and personality matter, as well as physical fitness, (hidden) diseases and (unconscious) worries. You probably recognize what is relevant in your personal life. On a working level, having sufficient energy has a lot to do with building and following routines of Sustainable Performance.

Sustainable Performance

Sustainable Performance is the positive outcome of managing two parallel processes at work: 1) the process of managing your work demands, in order to prevent energy leaks (or enduring stress reactions) and 2) the activities that support your motivation to perform the work and maintain a fair level of engagement. My model of Sustainable Performance shows these two processes. I deliberately wrote: “managing two parallel processes”. This means that I belief that you can do/manage something yourself. This boils down to five energy-related activities:

  1. create a healthy balance between tasks that provide you with energy and tasks that drain your energy (>70% gain/drain)
  2. curious what the other four are? Just watch my video


Interested how Dianne Commissaris can guide you to Sustainable Performance? Check her English page or mail to or just call: 0625097811.


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